Iraq Services – Military and Commercial

Via Kuwait
Shipment from all over the World can arrive into Jebel Ali or Shuwaikh Port / Dubai or Kuwait airport.

Via Umm Qasr
In case the clients prefer to send the cargo by ocean freight directly to Umm Qasr port, we can clear the cargo from the port and ship it through land to any part of Iraq. To shore up the oil and gas boom in Iraq, Frontline has already geared up by setting huge warehousing facilities at major locations in Iraq with experienced operational staff, fleet of vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment.

Via Dubai
Full Truck Load and dedicated weekly Less than Truck Loads are send to Iraq via Saudi and Kuwait, to be cleared at Kuwait bonded warehouse by Our Corporate Office, for on forwarding to Iraq by overland means. In addition, we also send shipments from Dubai by Sea and Air freight for various destinations in Iraq – Door to Door.

Via Turkey
Sea mode transportation up to Mersin port as transit and same will be moved by road on Turkish registered trailers through Ibrahim Khalil Border into Iraq.
Ibrahim Khalil is a border crossing point between Turkey and Iraq. It is also called the Habur Border or Frontier Gate in English. Before the control point and gate there is a bridge crossing the Khabur river, which forms the natural border between Iraq and Turkey.

Via Baghdad/ Basra/ Erbil airports
Air Inbounds through Baghdad/Basra/Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airport
There are four major airports in Iraq – Basra, Baghdad and Erbil. Baghdad and Erbil airports are fully functional, Basra is the smallest airport and have started calling in few commercial and passenger flights.
Sulaymaniyah airport is also where limited commercial flights are operating and there are adhoc charter flights operating. Frontline Logistics offers import clearance, Door delivery and Handle freehand shipments.