Syrian Movements

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• Syria is not a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and import duties are generally high. Products from the Arab Economic Union are subject to preferential rates, while imports must not contain any raw material manufactured in Israel
• All goods imported into Syria are subject to customs duties. Import duties are based on a basic duty plus a unified tax surcharge. The cost, insurance, freight (CIF) value of raw materials and foodstuffs is usually calculated at the Promotions Rate, while luxury goods are calculated at the Neighbouring Country Rate. The process is slow and complex.

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Transit Points to move into Syria (AIR)
Beirut – Damascus
Istanbul – Damascus
Adana – Damascus
Amman – Damascus

Damascus International Airport is currently fully functional and could be used for Air shipments.

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Sea Routing:
Latakia & Tartus

Both ports are currently functional and could be used for sea shipments.
Latakia is the preferred port to route all cargo

Transit Ports to move into Syria (Sea)
Lebanon – Port Beirut
Turkey – Mersin
Jordan – Aqaba
UAE to Syria (Sea)
Route – Jebel Ali (UAE) – Port Said (East Egypt) – Latakia (Syria)

Cross Border Routing
Iraq to Syria through Erbil
Turkey to Syria, by using different borders
Lebanon to Syria by using different borders
Jordan to Syria by using different borders