Warehousing & Distribution

“Your Specific Requirements Deserve Our Elite Facility”

Frontline Logistics offers storage facilities at key places in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq. Our warehouses are among the safest places to store goods. We offer warehousing facilities at the most competitive rates and equipped with electronic theft, Temperature controlled fire alarms backed by round-the-clock security guards.

In Kuwait our facilities amount to more than 12,000 square meters of closed warehouses of premium multi-temperature storage with web-enabled inventory tracking and storage for standard pallet and bulk commodities which spread across Shuwaik, Sulaibiya and Mina Abdullah.

In Iraq, we have: Safwan – 2,000 square meters (of closed warehouse) and 25,000 square meters (open/secure) yard.

Baghdad – 1,800 square meters (closed) and 5,000 square meters (open) &

Erbil – 2,500 square meters (covered) and 6,000 square meters (open)

In Dubai, we have a warehouse facility of 3,000 square meters in Al Quoz and Jafza.

In KSA, we have a warehouse facility of 2,000 square meters

In Qatar, 1,000 square meters of warehouse facility.

We are currently in a position to lease out open yard with security, based on client’s requirements at all major locations in Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Bahrain.

In addition to warehousing, we do offer a range of value added services to provide our clients with a turnkey solution, including packaging and labeling of goods to be ready for onward delivery along with distribution to anywhere in the GCC and Iraq.


“Our Role Makes You Relaxed”

In today’s highly competitive global environment, a distribution centre is a necessity to keep pace with competition. Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, KSA, Qatar and Bahrain due to its strategic location proves to be ideal for companies to have their distribution centres. Frontline Logistics, with its wide range of transportation services, vast warehousing facilities (that meet global standards) backed with excellent warehousing management system would be able to provide the services of distribution effectively on your behalf or even re-export your shipments.


Warehouse 1:

Shuaiba Industrial Area
Plot no 5 T
Block 8, opp Kuwait Steel
Near Gulfspic Head office
Mina Shuaiba

Warehouse 2:

Shuwaikh Industrial Area No.3
Building No: 74, 75, 76
Block J, Street 32
Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Warehouse 3:

Al- Quibla, Block13, Building 4
Office No: 12
Shuwaikh, Kuwait



Frontline Logistics
Al Tabadul Al – Tejari Round, Safwan
Basrah, Iraq


UN / WFP Warehouse compound,
Baghdad Hilla Expressway8,
Awarjee Industrial Area,


Kaznazan warehouse # 4
Heva Group
Erbil, Iraq.


Al Qouz:

Ware House no.5,
Industrial Area – 1,
Dubai P O Box: 116756

Jebel Ali

PO Box 17481,
VC03,Jebel Ali,